NanoVista glasses – they’re childproof

Childproof glasses

NanoVista glasses are recognised in the world of eyeglass frames for being kid-proof. Made using innovative materials, these frames have been designed with our most demanding customers in mind: babies, children and teenagers.

The unparalleled durability and flexibility of these frames make them an excellent choice for parents looking for reliable eyewear solutions for their little and not-so-little ones.

Designed to safely withstand the rigours of life with a kid, NanoVista frames are known for comfort, safety and longevity.

Putting kids in the frame

These glasses have been designed specifically for children. Most frames seem to be just a cut-down version of adult-sized glasses. However, a child’s facial features are very different to those of an adult. These frames can fit virtually any child’s face with none of the dangerous metal parts found in other children’s glasses.

NanoVista frames offer the highest level of flexibility known in prescription eyeglasses. Unlike traditional children’s eyeglass frames that are rigid and therefore prone to breakage, the curving rubber of NanoVista frames means they can flex and bend without losing their shape or integrity.

Built out of Siliflex ™, a new plastic thermomoldable tear-proof material, these frames have ‘shape-memory’. They are guaranteed to revert to their original shape regardless of the level of stress they are put through, even wrenching and twisting. Thanks to the twist-proof special “52” hinge design used in these frames, they are capable of withstanding opening angles above 270°.

Comfort is key when it comes to children’s glasses, especially for younger children who may be less tolerant of discomfort. Siliflex ™ frames are 35% lighter than frames manufactured from acetate. The lightweight construction minimises the discomfort often associated with wearing glasses, so your child can wear their glasses comfortably from morning until bedtime.

Parents worry about their kids’ safety, especially when it comes to eyewear, and NanoVista glasses are all about safety and comfort. They have been designed with rounded edges and smooth contours, with no metal parts or sharp edges.

Even kids can’t break them

As optometrists, we know how much parents value not having to change their children’s glasses every two seconds because they have broken. Kids lead active lives filled with play, exploration, and more than the occasional mishap. NanoVista frames are engineered to be virtually indestructible. These frames can withstand the inevitable bumps, drops, and twists that accompany childhood adventures.

NanoVista glasses for children

But wait there’s more. Kids love them. Available in a variety of pretty cool colours, shapes, and sizes, these frames cater to every child’s individual preference and personality. Whether your child prefers bold and vibrant or classic and understated, NanoVista has a frame to suit. And they can be used with changeable temples or switched to wear as a headband.

NanoVista childrens glasses

With their flexible design, comfort and style, NanoVista frames are a practical choice for active kids. Even better, they are the perfect solution for parents wanting indestructible, flexible children’s glasses that can handle pretty much anything that a kid will throw at them.

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