Choosing lenses for your glasses

All lenses are not created equal

Most people spend a lot of time choosing the frames for their glasses; we all want to look good. But it is also very important that you see good, too. After all, that is why you have come to see an optometrist.

A big part of picking the right pair of glasses is selecting a suitable lens material. There is a wide range of lenses available that offer protection as well as give you clear, sharp vision.

The type of material used for the lenses will affect their durability, thickness, weight, and impact resistance.

The lens brand and the manufacturing processes can also affect their quality.

You need to choose lenses that are right for your vision and your lifestyle. This will need a bit of time, consideration and some expert help from our eye specialists.

What lenses should you choose?

buying prescription glassesSingle vision lenses are tailored-made to match prescription and correct eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The lens design will affect how the lenses work. Progressive lenses, for example, provide a gradual change in prescription power from the top to the bottom of the lens, allowing for clear vision at all distances without the need for multiple pairs of glasses. These are very helpful for people who are less young and suffering from presbyopia (where your arms get short).

Special coatings on lenses can protect your eyes as well as enhance the lens performance and durability. For example, anti-reflective coatings can reduce glare and improve vision in low-light conditions, while scratch-resistant coatings can help protect the lenses from damage.

Photochromic lenses are light-sensitive and adapt to varying degrees of brightness. Anti-glare or anti-reflective lenses allow light to be transmitted through the lens without the glare. This is because too much light can affect the amount of contrast we see. It can make your eyes uncomfortable and prevent you from seeing sharp images.

Blue light protection lenses filter harmful light emitted by televisions, computer screens and cell phones.

Other protective coatings keep eyeglasses clean, and comfortable and help them last longer. For example, anti-scratch coatings.

John O’Connor uses Hoya lenses

When choosing lenses for your glasses it is worth your time to consider all the available options. It is also important to know that at John O’Connor Optometrist we use Hoya lenses in all our glasses.

Hoya is a well-known brand and is well-regarded for the quality of their lenses. They have been in the business for over 75 years and have invested heavily in research and development. They use the latest manufacturing processes and make lenses with different prescription strengths, designs, and coatings, which can be tailored to suit individual wearers. Whether you need lenses for distance, reading, or progressive lenses, they have a solution.

Thanks to the thin, lightweight design, their lenses are comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods.

Hoya is a trusted brand in the optical industry. Their lenses are widely used by optometrists worldwide and they are a good choice if you want high-quality, durable, and effective lenses that can be customised to suit you perfectly.

See the experts

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