Eye Exam and Services

What is included in your comprehensive eye exam?

  • Complete eye history to determine concerns and risk factors
  • Prescription for  glasses and/or contact lenses
  • Assessment of eye co-ordination for problems such as computer related eyestrain
  • Eye health assessment
  • Glaucoma testing and eye pressure check
  • Slit lamp evaluation to assess cataracts, red eye, dry eyes, eye allergies, eye infections and contact lens suitability

At the end of the consultation we will discuss the results with you and recommend the best solutions for your visual requirements. These options may include eye glasses and or contact lenses.

We may recommend you have further testing to check for diabetes, retinal diseases and other eye conditions. We may also recommend further tests with other equipment such as a visual field machine, retinal camera and corneal topographer to screen for glaucoma, diabetes and eye conditions such as keratoconus.

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Eye Test for Children

We can examine childrens’ eyes.

Children learn visually and good vision for distance and close up is very important even at a young age. Our eye exam will be specific to the age and abilities of your child. Even children who cannot name the letters of the alphabet are able to have their eyes tested.

We will check your child’s vision and eye muscles to check how well they work together for 3D vision and refocussing. As children can also suffer from eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinoblastoma, our eye exam will also check their full eye health.

We may use cycloplegic eye drops to relax the focusing muscles of the eyes allowing the optometrist to assess for a prescription more accurately. This is particularly helpful for very young children.

Spectacle Subsidies for Children

If your child is aged 15 years or under, they may be eligible for the Enable Spectacle Subsidy from the government if you hold a current Community Services Card. This subsidy covers the eye exam, frames and lenses. Please ask your John O’Connor optometrist to check if your child is eligible.

Contact lens fitting

We know your eyes better than anyone else. This guides us in recommending the best contact lenses for your comfort, vision and eye health.

What is included in our custom contact lens fitting?

  • assessment of trial lenses by our optometrist to ensure a proper fit
  • personalised training by our optometrist (for new wearers) to ensure you are comfortable taking care of your lenses
  • appropriate follow up and care

What lenses do we offer?

  • 1-Day, 2 week or monthly wear
  • toric lenses to correct astigmatism
  • speciality lenses such as RGPs, multifocal and orthokeratology

Contact Lens Subsidy by the Ministry of Health

The government has a subsidy to cover contact lens examination fees, the fitting and purchase of contact lenses for certain eye conditions such as high myopia (short sightedness), high hyperopia (long sightedness), keratoconus and also anisometropia (large difference in prescription between the eyes). Our optometrists will be able to advise if you are eligible.

Contact us at either our Henderson or Newmarket optometry practices to schedule your eye examination and contact lens fitting.

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Additional Services

Insurance Glasses

We can help you replace your lost or broken glasses or contact lenses via your insurance company. Please call our Newmarket optometrists on 09 522 1283 or our Henderson optometry practice on 09 836 1731 for more information.


We believe in good service; we carry out minor repairs such as replacing screws in your glasses free of charge. We can also repair broken glasses. Please bring them in for us to assess whether they can be repaired.

Eye Problems?

See your optometrist at John O’Connor Optometrist about ….

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Myopia (short sighted)

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Dry eyes

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Floaters, spots & flashes

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Diabetic retinopathy

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Hyperopia (long sighted)

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Presbyopia (short arm syndrome)

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Red Eye

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Age related macular degeneration

Early detection improves the outlook for successful treatment. To check your vision is 20/20, book an eye test with us. Free parking is available at Newmarket and both optometry practices are open six days a week. Early treatment for many eye problems may save your sight.

Always see your eye care professional at John O’Connor optometrist immediately if you have any sudden changes in vision. This includes darkening around the edges of your vision, dark spots in front of your eyes, halos around bright lights, a loss of vision in one part of your field of sight or any other noticeable eye problems.

We deliver peace of mind about the way you see the world, your sight.

We offer high quality eyecare and friendly service at our optometry practices in Newmarket and Henderson. For your convenience both stores are open 6 days a week.