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Optometrist in Auckland City

Looking for an Optometrist in Auckland City?

Eye tests made easy

Our optometrists’ focus is making a difference for their patients and will work with you to see you when it suits you best.

Having trouble seeing at work? The computer screen not quite as clear as it once was? Are your arms getting shorter? Are you just too busy to get to an optometrist in the weekend or after working hours? We are a family-owned optometry practice based in Newmarket, Auckland city. Our handy Auckland city optometrist means we can give you a comprehensive eye exam during your busy working day.

We make it easy. We provide eye testing for prescription glasses and also a comprehensive eye health check. We are right in Newmarket and we have free parking available. We can take a look at your eyes in your lunchtime.

There is no time like now for keeping an eye on your sight. Our  eye exam will check your overall eye health. From there we can provide you with various options to ensure your vision is as sharp as possible. We’ll do what is right for you and your eyes.

Look Good

We’re specialists in a range of lens and frame options

Come in and see us at our Newmarket store today for a range of different eye care options and visual solutions.

  • Show yourself a new light. We stock the best designer glasses. Check out our wide range of flattering frames and see our skilled opticians to make sure you choose the correct designer frames to fit your look.
  • Don’t be weighed down by heavy, uncomfortable prescription glasses. See our optometrist Auckland city and you’ll benefit from the latest lens technology for spectacles and prescription sunglasses. We offer thinner, lighter lens solutions which can be tailored to the way you live.
  • Our extensive range of sunglasses is worth looking into. Our array of different styles, designer brands and shades suits all eyes, faces, budgets and lifestyles.

See Well

Our eye tests

Seventy-five per cent of us need glasses. Check your vision, book an eye test with us.

  •  For a top-quality, stress-free consultation our city optometrists use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver premium eye care. Your  eye test will be fully customised and last around 20-30 minutes.
  • Find our how well you really do see. Our optometrists carefully check your vision and carry out various other tests to identify if there are any issues with your eye health.
  • A customised prescription will be tailored specifically to your lifestyle and individual needs.
  • The standard validity of a prescription is normally around two years. If your prescription is outdated, then see our optometrist Auckland City for a new one.
Optometrists in Auckland City

See our Auckland city eye experts

Our Newmarket optometrists specialise in the diagnosis and management of many eye conditions. The staff at our optometrists in Newmarket has over 35 years’ experience helping people see life better.

You’ll know who you’ll be seeing. As part of our city optometrist service, we offer continuance of eye care, allowing you to see the same optometrist at each visit and to develop an ongoing relationship.

Schedule a consultation now with our qualified optometrists for a comprehensive eye examination today. We will work with you to book an appointment that works in with your busy schedule.

We deliver peace of mind about the way you see the world, your sight.

We offer high quality eyecare and friendly service at our Optometrist Auckland City. For your convenience we are open 6 days a week and have free parking.