Tomato Glasses for Kids – Non-slip, effective and adjustable!

Choosing the right eyeglasses for kids used to be a real challenge

Glasses for growing, active children need to fit properly. The prescription needs to sit in the correct place whatever the wearer is up to. The frames need to hold the lenses where they should be so our small people don’t look over or around them and their eyes can develop properly.

tomato glasses in new zealand

Even more importantly though, kids’ glasses have to be comfortable. If their prescription glasses are too heavy and constantly falling off their faces, kids will simply refuse to wear them. This was exactly what happened to the founder of Tomato Glasses, Sungjoon Kim. His son needed glasses, but the frames did not fit properly. The nose pads were only in metal and they could not be adjusted. His son simply stopped wearing his glasses due to their discomfort and weight and so his eye condition worsened.

Tomato Glasses are intelligent frames for busy intelligent kids. Their award-winning frames are designed specifically for babies and children. The frames fit to a child’s face rather than trying to make the child fit to them. They can accommodate a range of prescriptions, so no matter what your child’s vision needs are, Tomato Glasses can meet your child’s specific vision requirements.

Safe, durable, and comfortable all-day wear

Tomato Glasses frames are made using non-toxic materials They are flexible, surprisingly elastic, and difficult to break, even for the most boisterous of children. They are also incredibly lightweight, weighing only 6 to 9 grams. This stops the glasses from pressing uncomfortably on your child’s nose and ears, making them ideal for long-term wear.

Tomato Glasses can grow with your child

Tomato Glasses are adjustable. If your child’s glasses are to do their job, the correct placement and height is crucial. As your child’s face shape changes with age, you can lengthen the temples, so they don’t keep falling off. To stop the arms from pressing on the ears, there is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears, preventing any pressure. Normally, only metal frames have nose bridges and adjustable nose pads, but Tomato Glasses have three different positions (five points on baby frames) to adjust the height. As their nose bridge changes shape, you can adjust the nose pads to a different level to fit comfortably.

Stay-in-place glasses, no matter what

All frames come with an attachable strap to prevent the glasses from slipping. These are particularly handy when kids are running and jumping during active play and while playing sports. Also, the straps are great for those with sensitive ears.

Stylish and fun

For kids growing up and active, eyeglasses are fashion items. These glasses are available in a variety of vibrant colours and fun designs, so your child will love choosing a pair to suit their individual outlook on life.

Spare parts included

Tomato Glasses come with spare parts and a handy, comprehensible user guide. With these add-ons, you can maintain the glasses and deal with any wear on your own without having to send the frames away to be repaired.

Award-winning glasses for kids

These attractive, fun yet very functional kid’s glasses have been recognised with several awards. When you choose Tomato Glasses, know that you’re choosing a product that stands out for its excellence, reliability, innovative design and functionality.

Invest in Tomato Glasses today and see the difference quality eyewear can make for your child’s vision and confidence.

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