Emilio Pucci Eye Glasses

Emilio Pucci | Designer Glasses

Designer glasses with lenses fitted by certified opticians.

The eyewear collection of sunglasses and optical frames is a consummate reflection of the Emilio Pucci spirit: a classy interpretation of elegance and femininity.

Iconic patterns of Emilio Pucci are the main themes in his fresh, sophisticated eyewear collections. Eyeglasses for contemporary bright-eyed women who love to see the world in colour. The Emilio Pucci brand is synonymous with refinement, culture and style in a very colourful way. The eyewear range is a marriage of retro style and impeccable craftsmanship, for the dynamic, style-sure modern woman of today.

A sophisticated fusion of Mediterranean inspired colours, innovation, luxury, femininity and glamour. The creative vision of Emilio Pucci can be seen in these sunglasses brands, representing the same clean lines, bright patterns and designer styles as the clothing lines, making them an interesting and unique fashion choice.

Emilio Pucci Eyewear offers a range of handcrafted eyeglasses manufactured to exacting standards, using pure cotton-based acetate.


Colourful Sunglasses Brands

Whether you like a bold geometric shape, a sophisticated cat’s eye frame, a retro butterfly shape, round glasses or a tie-dye inspired pattern, you will find it in Emilio Pucci range of glasses frames. Our opticians can add tinted prescription lenses to your Emilio Pucci glasses frames turning them into gorgeous prescription sunglasses.

At our Auckland optical shops we offer discounts on prescription sunglasses when you buy your regular eyeglasses. Ask your Newmarket optometrist or Henderson optician for more details. You can also get a free eye check with your pair of designer glasses from Emilio Pucci.

We deliver peace of mind about the way you see the world, your sight.

We offer high quality eyecare and friendly service at our optometry practices in Newmarket and Henderson. For your convenience both stores are open 5 days a week.