Dior Eye Glasses



Dior designer eyeglasses collection is big, bold and highly distinctive. Vintage style and a glamorous look characterises the Dior eyewear collections. Inspired by the creative heritage of the brand, the Dior collections have generous sizes and geometric lines. Charm and elegance are guaranteed through unique colours and tone-combinations and are often decorated with precious ornaments. The integration of Swarovski crystals makes this collection sparkle.

Dior Eyeglasses

Dior Prescription Sunglasses

Dior glasses offer contemporary styling fused with classic designs. Thanks to their sophisticated lines of vintage style and couture trimming, Dior optical frames seduce. Like other high-fashion sunglasses, Dior eyewear can accept prescription sun lenses. Our opticians can add tinted prescription lenses to your Dior glasses frames creating fabulous prescription sunglasses.

If you have a vision problem that requires corrective prescription eyewear, why not get some prescription Dior sunglasses? Prescription sunglasses are available for virtually any lens prescription, including bifocal and progressive lens options. If you are at that stage where you find you need eyeglasses to help you read that magazine or book at the beach, get Dior sunglasses.

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