Safe glasses for children

The smart phone and tablet revolution has transformed our kids’ lives. Many New Zealand youngsters now see much of their world at arm’s length; they are spending more and more time in front of screens than ever before. This has an impact on their vision and overall health.

Seeing through their eyes

This increased screen time has seen an increase in headaches, eye strain, myopia and quite probably a decrease in overall fitness. Even though we’d love to fix everything that’s wrong in the world today, sadly that’s not possible, even for the marvellous John O’Connor Optometrists team. But we can help with your child’s vision and we can help with glasses that have been described as “a lens material so light it practically floats on water”.

Not only will you child see better, wearing glasses this comfortable means spectacles won’t impinge on them getting outside and running around.

The ideal lens choice for every active child

what is the best brand of lenses for glassesGetting kids to wear glasses can be a challenge, and as we know, kids break stuff. So, when it comes to your children’s glasses, you want the strongest, coolest looking, most comfortable spectacles available.

When considering glasses, the most important part of any pair is the lens. The lenses in your our child’s glasses have to be strong enough to stand the test of time and everyday wear while still offering unparalleled comfort.

Give kids the freedom to be kids

At John O’Connor Optometrists, we recommend the use of HOYA’s Phoenix lenses when it comes to glasses for children. Phoenix is the lightest eyeglass lens material in the world yet still meets or exceeds all international standards for impact resistance, including the AS/NZS 1337.6 standard.

PHOENIX lenses are tough, lightweight and come in a range of lens options. Their high impact resistance makes them ideal for children’s glasses as well as for playing sports such as tennis, cricket and squash.

These lightweight lenses will mean crisp, clear vision and the unbeatable combination of toughness and scratch resistance.

Protect your investment in their vision

Phoenix lenses are ideal for active children because they are designed to survive just about anything thrown at them. They provide as much as twice the scratch resistance of standard polycarbonate lenses. HOYA Phoenix (PNX) is the ideal choice for your children when it comes to protecting their eyes.

Because they are so light and because of their advanced optical properties, your child’s glasses will be comfortable to wear all day long.

Glasses For Kids

If you’re looking for glasses for children, these tips might help when it comes to choosing them:

  • Let your child choose their own frames
  • Plastic frames are best for children younger than two
  • If your child has chosen metal frames, make sure they have spring hinges, which are more durable
  • An elastic strap attached to the glasses will help active toddlers keep them in place.

See an optometrist at our Newmarket or Henderson optometry practices to get a prescription for Phoenix child-safe and sport-safe eyeglasses. We’re here to help and the exceptional clarity, comfort and durability of Phoenix lenses makes our job of taking care of your child’s vision easier. Contact us today on 09 522 1283 or 09 836 1731 for an eye check for your child.