Anti-reflective coatings

Get HOYA in your eyeglasses

Anti-reflective coatings for a sharper look and sharper vision

Anti-reflective coatings, or anti-glare coatings, improve vision, prolong spectacle life, lessen eye strain and just make you and your glasses look and see better.

Look sharp

A range of anti-glare coatings can be applied to your eyeglass lenses to eliminate reflections and enhance vision. Anti-glare coatings allow more light to reach your eyes. Because they get rid of any blur and double images that reflected light might cause, they promote sharper vision. Anti-glare coatings also form a smooth surface layer on your lenses, making them water repellent and easier to keep clean.

Do scratches, dirt and reflections dampen your day?

Don’t be annoyed. Protect the lenses of your precious prescription glasses with a superb lens coating from Hoya. Call our Newmarket Optometrists on 09 522 1283 or Henderson Optometrists on 09 836 1731 to find out how.

Lens Coatings by Hoya

Hi-Vision LongLife

This anti-reflective diamond finish multi-coating has proven itself to be Hoya’s most durable. Hi-Vision LongLife’s diamond finish will prolong the life and look of your prescription lenses while guaranteeing exceptionally clear, relaxed vision.

Seeing the real you

People feel uncomfortable looking at a reflected image of themselves. This anti-reflective coating eliminates virtually all reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglasses; the lenses look nearly invisible. People can see your eyes instead of themselves. You look better as more attention is drawn to your eyes and you can make better eye contact with others.

Better night sight

Adding an anti-glare, or anti-reflective (AR), coating to your eyeglasses can allow more light in and also cuts down on glare. Both of these things can improve night vision and make for safer driving in the dark. Reflections on the lens of your glasses can cause momentary blindness and blurry vision. With Hoya’s anti reflective coating eliminating internal reflections from streetlights, glare and halos around lights and oncoming headlights, you’ll have fewer distractions and better night vision.

Better eye health

You will see better when using a computer. Digital screens emit glare that can cause eye strain. An anti-reflective (AR) coating eliminates virtually all glare by allowing more light and less artificial feedback directly into your eye from a single angle. This means you can see more clearly and with less stress on the eye’s ciliary muscles. If you work consistently with computers, an anti-reflective coating to reduce light reflecting from your glasses will definitely help you feel more comfortable. No more squinting, and much happier, more relaxed eyes.

Computer Lenses – Recharge and BlueControl

anti reflective coating on glasses

If you spend most of your working life using a computer or other digital device, we recommend a protective BlueControl coating on your glasses to protect your eyes. It will reduce glare and filter the blue light emitted by digital screens and make your glasses scratch resistant, and water-, grease- and dirt repellent.

Blocking these harmful UV rays is important for lasting ocular health. HOYA BlueControl neutralises blue light, thereby preventing eyestrain. It also enhances colour perception and visual contrast between the background and text. Wearing blue control glasses while you use your computer, phone or other devices can prevent the headaches, disrupted sleep, dry eyes and eye fatigue associated with overexposure to blue light rays.

Is a Hoya anti-reflective coating worth it?

Your glasses last longer, your vision is improved, particularly at night, you don’t squint and rub your eyes as much while working on a computer, and to top it all off, both you and your eyeglasses are more visually attractive. So, yes, we think it is worth it, and many of our clients agree with us. They have told us that anti-reflective coatings on their glasses are definitely worth the added cost.

Hoya Hi-Vision LongLife coating is the most consistent in maintaining its anti-reflective lens coating properties and providing good, high-contrast vision that our optometrists have found.

Will your glasses go the distance?

This diamond finish multicoat gives you the highest scratch resistance available: five times more scratch resistant than standard multicoats.

At John O’Connor we recommend Hoya lenses

Hoya is a Japanese lens company that has achieved worldwide recognition for their complete range of eyeglass lens designs, materials and designer coatings. They have been at the forefront of lens development for many years.

Hoya’s premium lens treatments offer unsurpassed scratch resistance, transparency and ease of cleaning. We carry both Diamond Finish Multicoat and BlueControl and we’d be more than comfortable advising on Hoya anti reflective coatings for your next pair of spectacles. You’ll definitely notice the difference.

If you would like to know more about blue control glasses or Hoya anti reflective coatings, call our Newmarket Optometrists on 09 522 1283 or our Henderson Optometrists on 09 836 1731. Alternatively, you can send us an email via our contact page. We’d be happy to discuss all options with you.