Eye-deals You Can’t Overlook

Affordable Prescription Glasses in Auckland

buying prescription glassesWhether you’ve been thinking you may need corrective glasses for a while, or your current frames style or lens strength is out of date, a visit to the friendly team at John O’Connor Optometrists for our latest deals on glasses will see you right. Amazingly affordable spectacle frames and lenses.

  • At John O’Connor, we use Hoya lenses. Hoya is a Japanese lens company recognised worldwide for their range of eyeglass lens designs, materials and designer coatings. Hoya supplies a complete range of premium quality single vision, multi-focal, occupational and bifocal lenses to suit everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles.
  • Upgrade your frame to a designer brand for a competitive price and you can choose from a huge range of frames, including DiorBoss, Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Armani, Rodenstock, Charmant, Neubau, Barkers, Vanni, Bellinger, Safilo, Shisheido, Ted Baker, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Lacoste, Adidas Original, Adidas frames for kids, and more.
  • Our optometrists will help you to choose the perfect pair of frames to suit your face shape and lifestyle.

Eye-catching Promotions

Cast an eye over these great deals on glasses.

  • Looking for ultra-clear lenses? We can add a scratch resistant, Hoya brand anti-glare coating for only $99.00 for a pair with a frame purchase. The coating comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • If you need the lenses over -6, you can choose 1.55 mid thinner lenses with anti-reflection coating built in for $149.00 per pair with a frame purchase.
  • Like your glasses but need new lenses? Bring in your own frames and we’ll fit a pair of single vision stock lenses for only $99.00.

Sound like good eye-deals? We think they are. We believe eyewear should be affordable for everyone in New Zealand. So, since 1978 we’ve been providing well-priced quality eyewear for toddlers through to adults. We have a great reputation for outstanding service and products.

Come in and see us for eyeglasses Auckland families can afford and we’ll get your vision sorted.

Eye Problems Hidden From View

Eye examinations can detect hidden eye problems, so even those who feel they have perfect vision should have regular vision checks. As we age, we need more frequent vision exams. People with poor vision, a family history of eye disease or a condition that increases the risk of eye disease, such as diabetes, should have more frequent eye exams.

Recommended eye exam frequency
Ages 0-19 At 6 months, 3 years, 5 years and then every 2 years
Ages 20-54 Every two years
Ages 55-64 Every one to two years
Ages 65+ Every one to two years

need reading glasses
Eyesight usually begins to change around the age of 40. Most adults need vision correction and reading glasses to correct presbyopia (sometimes referred to as age-related long-sightedness).

Rates of myopia (short-sightedness) are also increasing – a phenomenon that some studies have linked to environmental and lifestyle changes, including more time spent in front of computers.

To see the best in everyone, come and talk to us or call 09 522 1283 to speak to our Newmarket optometrists. To speak to an optometrist in Henderson call 09 836 1731.