Worried about being long-sighted?

Are you having trouble seeing close-up objects, and suspect you might be long-sighted or have hyperopia? Do you strain your eyes when trying to read smaller print on items like books or screens? Don’t worry. If you’re long-sighted, our optometrist can prescribe great-looking glasses or contact lenses to help see clearly.

What are the symptoms of farsightedness or hyperopia? 

The most common symptom of farsightedness or hyperopia is not being able to things clearly up close. Your eyes feel tired or sore because it takes more effort than what should be normal to focus on an object. Your eye doesn’t let light focus correctly on your retina.

The length of your eye, the shape of the cornea and the shape of your lens determine your eye’s ability to refract or focus light sharply on the retina. Hyperopia or farsightedness is one of the three most common eye conditions caused by these refractive errors. 

If the eyeball grows too short from front to back, or there are problems with the shape of the lens, people can’t see clearly. If the eye is too short, or the lens is too flat, your eye can’t correctly focus the light that enters, and the result is farsightedness.

Light focuses behind the retina instead of it so when looking at nearby objects, you may get headaches.

Farsightedness usually is present at birth and tends to run in families. There are varying degrees of farsightedness. Children with severe farsightedness may also be at higher risk for other eye problems, such as lazy eye or being crossed-eyed.

Degrees of hyperopia and near vision problems

need glassesIf you have mild farsightedness or hyperopia, you may not notice any symptoms. That’s why it’s important to get regular eye exams. Our optometrist can make sure you’re seeing as clearly as possible.

At John O’Connor Optometrist in Auckland, we focus on providing high-quality eyecare and eyewear at affordable prices. If our team of experts diagnoses you as long-sighted, we can prescribe the perfect treatment plan for you. We can easily help with prescription glasses or contact lenses and you certainly do not have to compromise style for functionality.

Our collection of designer frame eyeglasses will allow you to see great, look great and feel great and we have premium frames to fit every budget. Our staff can help you choose the right frames and sunglasses so you’ll look great, see great and feel great!

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