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Priced for every budget, we have designer frames, prescription glasses and sunglasses that will have you seeing as well as you look and feel!

If you want to buy new spectacles, you’ve come to the right place. As one of Auckland’s leading supplier of prescription glasses, we offer a fantastic range of quality eyewear.

Cheap Prescription GlassesBuy Quality Eyeglasses Safely and Easily

We believe eyewear should be affordable for everyone in New Zealand. Our range covers toddlers through to adults.

We source frames of the highest workmanship in large volumes from local suppliers in order to pass the big savings on to you. Our frame buyers have extensive industry knowledge and carefully choose  to suit individual style and fashion needs.

Lenses are supplied from reputable lens manufacturing companies ensuring the highest level of quality and accuracy. At John O’Connor we recommend Hoya lenses. Hoya is a Japanese lens company that has achieved worldwide recognition for their complete range of eyeglass lens designs, materials and designer coatings. They have been at the forefront of lens development for many years. Hoya supplies a complete range of premium quality single vision, multi-focal, occupational and bifocal lenses to suit everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles. Hoya takes the very latest lens designs and applies them to the thinnest and most durable lens materials.

Eye-catching Promotions

Cast an eye over these great eye-deals. Amazingly affordable spectacle frames and lenses:

  • Get a free eye test! If you get an eye exam with us and then buy glasses on the same day, you’ll pay nothing for the eye exam. That’s a saving of $65.00! Our comprehensive eye exams include a prescription check, glaucoma check with eye pressure test and cataract assessment.
  • Buy new frames and get vision stock lenses free. We add a scratch resistant coating for no charge.
  • Buy 1, get 1 free deal. Get a second pair of glasses and we’ll throw in prescription single vision stock tinted lenses for free
  • Like your glasses but need new lenses? Bring in your own frames and we’ll fit a pair of single vision stock lenses for only $99.00.

Sound like good eye-deals? We think they are. Come in and see us and we’ll get your vision sorted.

Glasses Online – Are They Worth It?

buying-glasses-onlineToday it is relatively easy to find glasses online for a lower price than from an established Auckland optometrist. However, buying specs online isn’t without risks.

A recent investigation by a UK consumer organisation, which was reported  by Consumer NZ, found 15 out of 36 prescription glasses bought online weren’t up to scratch. 10 had lenses that didn’t meet required standards and 3 had sub-standard frames. A further 10 were given a borderline pass.

The most serious problems were with multifocals glasses. The experts found that several companies had sold these glasses without asking for vital information such as the wearer’s vertical pupil position and pupillary distance (the distance between the centre of the pupils). This meant the glasses could be unsafe when driving or using stairs.

Some eyeglass prescriptions come with specific instructions and may require a maximum or minimum frame depth, lens thickness or other special features. You need to watch out!

Changing Glasses

You may also wish to change the eyeglasses you bought over the Internet. This could be for a myriad of reasons: not fitting properly, wrong colour, wrong lenses, faulty/inferior product. What a hassle if you bought them online. Buy from us, and we’ll sort out any issues in the blink of an eye.

We believe in good service; we carry out minor repairs such as replacing screws in your glasses free of charge. We can also repair broken glasses.

Optometry involves much more than just selling glasses. You may choose to buy prescription glasses online, but remember healthy adults should get an eye exam every 2 to 5 years. Exceptional patient care, quality eyewear and reasonable prices are the focus of our optometry practice.

Regular Eye Tests

Eyesight usually begins to change around the age of 40.  Most adults need vision correction and most will require glasses for reading to correct presbyopia (sometimes referred to as age-related long-sightedness).

Rates of myopia (short-sightedness) are also increasing – a phenomenon that some studies have linked to environmental and lifestyle changes, including more time spent in front of computers.

The New Zealand government provides a spectacle subsidy for children under the age of 16 if their parent/guardian holds a valid community services card. This subsidy covers both eye exams and prescription glasses. See us for eyeglasses Auckland families can afford.

Eye Problems Hidden From View

Eye examinations can detect hidden eye problems, so even those who feel they have perfect vision should have regular vision checks. As we age, we need more frequent vision exams. People with poor vision, a family history of eye disease or a condition that increases the risk of eye disease, such as diabetes, should have more frequent eye exams.

Recommended eye exam frequency
Ages 0-19 At 6 months, 3 years, 5 years and then every 2 years
Ages 20-54 Every two years
Ages 55-64 Every one to two years
Ages 65+ Every one to two years

See us for regular eye tests.

To see the best in everyone, come and talk to us. John O’Connor Optometrists is a 100% New Zealand company for quality eyeglasses Auckland families can trust.

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