Choosing Reading Glasses

Are Designer Reading Glasses Right For Me?

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right designer reading glasses. in this article we outline the main things you should consider.

Cheap Reading Glasses Vs Prescription Glasses

Eyeglasses are not all made equal.

  • Cheap reading glasses may have different optical centres to your eyes which may cause eyestrain and pulling sensation for your eyes. Custom made prescription glasses are made with the optical centres of the lenses aligned to the distance between your eyes.
  • The prescription for ready readers are always the same in both eyes for off the shelf glasses. However, many people have slightly different prescription for each eye and need custom made reading glasses for best vision and comfort.
  • Ready readers come in a selected range of frames and the frame size may not fit your face. Prescription reading glasses from an optometrist have gone through a careful frame selection process to get the best fitting frame and style for your individual face. The frames can be adjusted around the nose and temples around your ears for a perfect fit and avoid frames that slide down your nose or pinch on your nose.

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