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iD Lifestyle 3 Progressive Lenses – very clever

Looking forward through glasses New Zealand has a population of around 4.8 million people, and in 2020 the median age was 38. This basically means that half the people in New Zealand are younger than 38 and half are older. If you are in this top bracket, then either you already have, or probably very soon you will begin to realise that reading material is out of focus. You may also realise that moving stuff further away to bring print into focus is no longer working. Presbyopia, also known as the “short arm syndrome” comes from the Greek meaning “trying
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Photochromic lenses

Sick of playing musical glasses? Do you get tired of having to carry around both prescription glasses and sunglasses and then switching between the two every time the sun comes out? Then you will definitely benefit from wearing Transition Sensity photochromic lenses. Designed for people on the go, these are smart lenses that seamlessly change when you move from indoors to outdoors, ensuring maximum visual comfort in all settings. By helping your eyes adjust to shifting light conditions, photochromic lenses let you discern objects of different size, contrast and brightness. You will see better in all light conditions. Good for
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