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Eye health during lockdown

For many of us, living through a Covid-19 lockdown has meant many of our habits have changed and we’re spending a lot more time staring at a screen than we did before the pandemic. So this month’s blog is again reinforcing just how important it is to look after our eyes when we’re in front of computers and devices during lockdown and about giving our eyes a rest. Lockdown and tired eyes One of the more common questions our optometrists are being asked is about tired eyes, and what we can do to make eyes feeling less strained when we’re
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Polarised Sunglasses

Summer is here and whether you’re fishing, boating, at the beach or just out for a walk, it might be time to start thinking about polarised sunglasses. Why? So you can enjoy the word around you without the bright white stain of glare. Tinted lenses vs. polarised lenses While tinted sunglasses are great for reducing brightness and UV rays, they don’t necessarily eliminate harsh glare like polarised sunglasses can. Polarised lenses will not only reduce glare caused by water, snow, flat roads and windscreens, they enhance visual clarity and contrast and reduce eye strain. What are polarised lenses? They are
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Tired Eyes

Give It A Rest The muscles of the eye, just like any other muscle in the body, can tire from overuse. Any discomfort caused in your eyes by excessive wear and tear is collectively referred to as eye strain. In most cases, eye strain is not a serious medical condition and usually goes away once the eyes are given adequate rest. There are many possible causes of eye strain. Eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from long hours of driving, reading, exposure to bright light or straining to see in dim light. Stress and fatigue are also significant risk
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