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Protecting Your Eyes From The Sun

How Do UV Rays Damage Eyes? In New Zealand we are aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from exposure to the sun. While we all hear about the need to protect our skin, we don’t here so much about protecting our eyes. UV rays cause ten times more damage to the eyes than they do to our skin. UV eye damage is cumulative over a lifetime. Harmful UV rays can damage your eyes and increase your risk of developing cataracts. Whenever going out in the sun, wear sunglasses or contact lenses that have a UV filter. Be it sunny
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Blepharitis Treatment

Treating Blepharitis This is a stubborn eye disorder requiring  systematic, on-going treatment; not only to eliminate redness and irritation but to prevent further blepharitis outbreaks. Blepharitis symptoms are similar to other more serious eye diseases, which is why it is vital that you get a professional diagnosis of your condition from one of our optometrists. If you do suffer from blepharitis it is very important you understand the type you have so we can provide the correct blepharitis treatment. The most common form, seborrhea blepharitis, is caused by small oil glands on the eyelid becoming clogged, causing waxy, greasy scales
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