I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional experience my wife and I had in your store last week.

We had booked a grab-one voucher you had on offer as I had recently broken my glasses, previously purchased from you Henderson branch 4 years ago.

Firstly, we arrived early as to have extra time to examine new frames – which the staff were perfectly accommodating about, and were in no way pushy or ‘helpful’ as many salespeople today can be – particularly if they are working on commission.

Kevin decided he could see me early for my eye exam so he politely introduced himself, asked me if I was ready, and guided me through the process, incredibly gently and informatively. At each point he would wipe down the machine with disinfectant before I used it, and was very calming and reassuring. I imagine some people may find the exam somewhat difficult, but Kevin made it easy, conversational, and I actually had fun! Not only that, but Kevin gave me the most thorough eye test I have had in my life, after over 20 years of wearing glasses – it was great. It also helped that he had access to my previous prescription from Henderson, which was a bonus, and a sign of a good system working well!

After that, my wife and I took the better part of an hour to choose frames. Colin was not pushy in any way, and was incredibly patient, and read the situation like a master – when we had narrowed it down to 2 frames, he swept in and gave me expert advice on how the styles would fit with me, and discussed getting sunglasses as a pair instead of my previous transition lenses, for the same cost. This allowed me to contrast styles and happily double my glasses purchasing for the day – for the same price, with two modern styles – I was over the moon.

I then produced my broken pair of glasses and asked if anything could be done with them – Colin whisked out precisely the same pair from behind the counter, and told me he could fit my old lenses to them, then and there, on the spot, for half price. SOLD! He then did the job, heated the plastic to fit them to my face, and I had my favourite pair of glasses back again. Superb.

My wife and I wandered around Newmarket for the next hour BUZZING. We spent much of our previous lives in customer service roles and we are so often disappointed with people’s professionalism, lack of expertise, and not caring, that we expect that type of behaviour now as the norm.

Not so at John O Connor Newmarket! Your team is incredible. I will be back everytime I require any help…I trust your staff, and your brand. Thank you for the most pleasant customer experience I have had in memory. Kevin and Colin deserve a massive pat on the back, and certainly discussion of a raise this year – whatever it is you’re paying them…it isn’t enough. You need to hold on to staff like that.

Thanks so much for your time, and no doubt I will see you in the future!