Our Covid 19 Level 2 Procedures

11 May 2020: Health and Safety Measures Implemented.

Listed below is an overview of some the Health and Safety Protocols we have implemented:

  • Prior to your visit to one of our practices you will be screened over the phone with regards to your current health condition, overseas travel, contact with someone who has or has had Covid-19 etc.
  • Physical distancing, this includes controlled/restricted entry and restricted staff numbers. With the exception of a consultation, one metre minimum physical distancing.
  • Only one support person is allowed in the examination room with the patient (if a support person is required).
  • All visitors’ details will be logged, recorded and available to the Ministry of Health upon request for contact tracing if required.
  • Temperature checks by non contact infrared thermometer will be performed on all staff daily and on every patient coming into the practice. 
  • Stringent sanitising; all visitors will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided when arriving and departing from the practice. All staff members will apply hand sanitiser before and after serving the patient.
  • We have recently installed face shields on some of our close contact equipment and we will use Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, face shields and gloves whenever appropriate e.g. a staff member is to come within one metre of a client.
  • We offer face masks to patients who require consultation in the examination room.
  • All examination equipment is cleaned before and after each patient and reception area furniture such as tables and chairs are disinfected after each patient.
  • All frames are disinfected after they have been tried on during dispensing.
  • Soap is provided along with paper hand towels at each sink.
  • Contactless payment facilities available by internet banking.
  • Courier service available for completed spectacles, contact lenses and solutions if required.

We deliver peace of mind about the way you see the world, your sight.

We offer high quality eyecare and friendly service at our optometry practices in Newmarket and Henderson. For your convenience both stores are open 6 days a week.