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Magic Of OrthoK Therapy

Looking For an Eyewear-Free Lifestyle? Wearing glasses or contacts is necessary for some people, but they can also be a nuisance. Glasses can fall off your face or break if you play sports or have a physical job. Contacts often lead to dry eyes or can be uncomfortable. You can’t swim with glasses or contacts. Children’s glasses are constantly needing to be fixed, adjusted or replaced because they get broken or are scratched to the point of uselessness. Imagine a world where visually challenged people could wake up in the morning and could suddenly see clearly; could see all obstacles in
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Through A Child’s Eyes

Looking After Young Eyes It’s easy for poor eyesight to go unnoticed in children. Young people may find it difficult to explain any difficulties the’re having with their eyesight. In fact, they may not even be aware they have any problem at all. To make sense of the world we rely on many different kinds of information and 80% of what children learn is through vision. How young people see the world affects how they respond to us, how they learn and how the world will respond to them as they grow and develop. Poor eyesight can cause learning and
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Your Child’s Vision

How Children See The World Children are usually not able to tell you if they can’t see well. At John O’Connor Optometrist we recommend getting your child’s vision assessed early so we can set them up with better vision for life. Our friendly staff have been trained to help put children at ease and make regular eye checks a pleasant experience for all concerned. Children’s Eyesight At Risk Children’s eyesight is getting worse. The latest evidence shows short-sightedness has increased from twenty to forty percent of the population in the last twenty-five years, probably due to lifestyle factors. Numerous studies have
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